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Paper Bowl Forming Machine With Automatic Lubrication System

Technical Data: Model Paper cup Paper bowl Specification 2.5-22 oz 24-40 oz Production rate 80-100 pcs/min 80-90 pcs/min Paper material 190-500g/㎡ 190-500g/㎡ Total power 380V 50Hz 10Kw 380V 50Hz 12Kw Air consumption 0.4m/min 0.5m/min We...

Kraft Paper Salad Soup Bowl Forming Machine with Robot Hand Collecting System Vid

Medium Speed Paper Bowl Forming Making Machine RD-LB120-3600B medium speed paper bowl forming machine is ourlatest machine,which is made base on our manufacturingexperience and advanced technology from oversea countries, it isa pioneer equi...

24-190 oz Paper Salad Bowl Popcorn Bucket Paper Bowl Making Machine

Model Paper Bowl Making Machine Bowls Specifications 28-190 oz Paper Specifications 180-500g/m Speed 25-35 pcs/min Paper bowl top diameter 120-220mm Paper bowl height 100-200mm Weight 3300kg Gas source 1m/min General Power 13Kw Power supply...

Factory Customized Paper Bowl Making Machine

RD-12/22-100A high speed paper cup forming machine comes with two turnplate,open intermittent indexing cam mechanism and gear transmission,longitudinal axis structures.The machine comes with PLC control system,sensorfailure detecting,and can...

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