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What's a paper bowl?
A paper bowl is a disposable round paper food container. It can be made in different sizes with a bowl mold. It is commonly used in takeaway food services, both hot and cold.
As an alternative to plastic round bowls, it greatly reduces the waste of plastic. In addition, the custom logo and brand image can be perfectly printed on the surface of the paper bowl. This is one of the best ways to enhance your brand image.

What is the paper material used to make the paper bowl?
The main raw materials of the paper bowl are base paper and poly film. Base paper can be kraft paper, white paper, aluminum foil and bamboo paper.
Film coating is a barrier coating on the paper bowl surface. It can prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. The poly film can be PE film (plastic film), PLA film (biodegradable bio-plastic film), and Water base barrier coating (plastic-free barrier coating).

How are paper bowls made?
The production line has four main steps: base paper roll lamination; Paper roll printing; Roll die cutting; Paper bowl shape. When the base paper rolls are imported from the base paper material supplier, the paper must be coated with a thin film to create a waterproof function.
According to the customer's logo requirements, print the logo and brand image on the paper roll. After the printing process, the paper roll is cut into a bowl fan. The final step is the paper bowl machine to form a paper bowl by molding the fan and the bottom paper.

From the base paper to the forming disposable paper bowl (paper cup) mainly through the following processes:
1, PE coating: that is, the base paper (white paper) is coated on the PE film with the coating machine, and the paper on one side of the coating is called single-side PE coating paper; Coated on both sides is called double-sided PE coated paper.
2, cut: Use a slitter to cut the coated paper into rectangular pieces (for the cup walls) and rolls (for the bottom of the cup).
3, printing: Use an offset press or gravure press to print a variety of patterns on rectangular paper.
4, die cutting: Use flat press indentation cutting machine (commonly known as die cutting machine) to print good graphics of the paper into a fan for paper cups (paper bowls).
5, forming: In the paper bowl forming machine or
paper cup making machine automatically forming for your needs of various specifications of the paper cup wholesale (paper bowl). Only the operator needs to place the fan cup piece and the bottom of the cup web into the feeding port. Automatic molding, out of the cup. It can be easily operated by one person.
6, Packaging: Seal the paper cup (paper bowl) with a plastic bag, and then pack it into the carton.

Paper bowl (paper cup) Note:
Look at the sealing: the general hollow coffee cup should be sealed in a plastic bag, the bag should not be damaged, the packaging is not tight hollow paper cup susceptible to environmental pollution, health can not be guaranteed.
Look at the cup body: the color of the hollow cup body pattern of good quality should be uniform, the outline is clear, the wax layer of the wax cup is uniform, the coating cup is uniform, no leakage coating, and the mouth of the cup should not be obvious depression and wrinkles.
Look at the mouth of the cup: pay attention to the mouth of the cup flat, smooth, no waste edge, burr, the cup body should be clean and transparent, uniform thickness, no impurities, bubbles, water lines, no fish eye stiffness and other phenomena.
In use, also pay attention to the difference between cold drink cups and hot drink cups, can not be mixed.
Paper bowl (paper cup) The difference between a cold drink cup and a hot drink cup is a layer of "wax" and a "film" in the production process.

Our Ruida Machinery factory to meet the needs of all customers, according to the customer's different production speed and paper cup capacity requirements, independent research and development of the following models of paper bowl machine:

Paper Bucket Making Machine For Popcorn Cup KFC Bucket

RD-XT-200 - model

Paper Bucket Making Machine For Popcorn Cup KFC Bucket...

Cup Size 28-190 oz Paper Thickness 180-500 g/m Speed 30-55pcs/min Cup Top Diamete

24-190 oz Paper Salad Bowl Popcorn Bucket Paper Bowl Making Machine

3600B - model

24-190 oz Paper Salad Bowl Popcorn Bucket Paper Bowl Making Machine...

Model Paper Bowl Making Machine Bowls Specifications 28-190 oz Paper Specificatio

Factory Customized Paper Bowl Making Machine

RD-12/22-100B - model

Factory Customized Paper Bowl Making Machine...

RD-12/22-100A high speed paper cup forming machine comes with two turnplate,open

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