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Working process of paper lunch box machine
  • XiaAn
  • 2023-11-09

Working process of paper lunch box machine

The paper lunch box machine is a machine that produces fast food boxes. Since fast food boxes are used in the food packaging industry, the production process must have sufficient hygienic conditions, and safe and visible production processes must be maintained from materials to production equipment.
1. Working process of paper lunch box machine:
Paper suction → shutter paper → fast paper feeding → heating → entering the forming mold → stable forming → finished product → automatic accumulation of finished product. Since the whole machine adopts air valve control, the air pump must be started and have certain air pressure conditions before work.
2. Introduction to the feeding system of the paper lunch box machine:
The paper must be placed flat in the paper slot and a detection sensor is installed in the upper part of the paper slot to require a certain amount of paper to be reserved. If there is no paper, there is an automatic alarm. If the level falls below the limit, the machine will automatically stop.
3. The safety protection device of the paper lunch box machine:
To prevent accidents, an infrared protection control is installed under the forming moulds on the working table. When a foreign object is present, the forming mould cannot be lowered on its own and an alarm signal is issued.

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