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Manufacturing Plant Paper Cup Production Process
  • XiaAn
  • 2023-11-22

Manufacturing Plant Paper Cup Production Process

Disposable paper cups are an item in our lives. When we entertain guests, we often use disposable paper cups. Although paper cups are disposable products we use in daily life, we still don't know how disposable paper cups are produced. We briefly introduce how PLA coated paper cups are produced.

Disposable paper cup production process: base paper coating---cutting---like typesetting---printing---film cutting---disinfection---forming---disinfection and packing---warehousing . The first is to deal with the width of the paper, which is determined according to the face and way of the printing plate. Either slitting or die cutting, followed by printing. There are two types of printing: offset printing and rubbing printing. The next step is die cutting, which is to cut the printed paper into fan-shaped pieces of paper. What's more, some advanced machines can die-cut by themselves. The last is forming, which requires two parts: the body and the bottom of the cup.

There is an easily distorted view of disposable paper cups, that is, the inner layer of the paper cup contains paraffin, which melts when it is filled with hot water, and it is harmful to the body after it is deposited in the stomach. In fact, there are two types of disposable paper cups: one is for "cold water cup", which is indeed waxy; the other is for "hot water cup", also called laminating cup, with a layer of polyethylene on the inner wall. PE-coated plastic film has a melting point much higher than wax, which is between 80°C and 130°C, so compared to wax, it can be ideally used to hold hot beverages.
The cup body we call is the fan-shaped piece die-cut from the front, and the bottom of the disposable paper cup is a paper roll of different specifications that is cut out. Slitting or cross-cutting, printing, die-cutting, forming, there are 4 kinds of machines in 4 processes, and there is an auxiliary resource in the operation of 4 kinds of machines, that is, compressed air. The equipment includes: slitting machine, die cutting machine, (pre-press equipment: plate making, printing plate,) printing machine, paper cup making machine.
Paper Cup Making Machine Manufacturing Factory Paper Cup Production Process
The raw material for making paper cups is super-large rolls of harder and slightly thicker paper rolls. Although the diameter of the paper roll is only 1 meter, the paper is 5,000 meters long, and the super-large roll weighing one ton can be made into 250,000 paper cups.

The production process of disposable paper cup cold drink cup is direct printing, die-cutting, forming processing, and spraying food wax on the surface of the paper cup base paper.

The manufacturing process of the hot drink cup is the process of laminating the base paper of the paper cup into paper cup paper, printing, die cutting, and forming. Hot drink cups need to be coated, and wax cannot be applied, because heat may cause the wax to melt, which is harmful to the body.

This is the difference. Paper cup paper printing uses flexographic water-based ink. For raw paper, many paper manufacturers provide printing and die-cutting services, so when you first enter into paper cup and paper bowl manufacturing, you can directly purchase printed and die-cut paper cup fans and paper rolls. Because the cost of printing and die-cutting accounts for a small proportion of the cost of paper cups and paper bowls, the cost is mainly determined by the size of the paper cup and the weight of the paper.

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