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Biodegradable Paper Lunch Box Food Container Packaging
  • XiaAn
  • 2023-11-09

Biodegradable Paper Lunch Box Food Container Packaging

With the prohibition and restriction of plastics in globalization, the food container packaging industry has also ushered in reform, and it has also ushered in the boom of paper food container manufacturing paper lunch box machines. plastic-free and degradable material packaging has become an inevitable trend in the future. Ordinary plastic treatment method is still incineration, cremation, resulting in a large number of greenhouse gas emissions into the air, and disposable degradable lunch boxes or paper products packaging containers are buried in the soil degradation, the resulting carbon dioxide directly into the soil organic matter or absorbed by plants, will not be emitted into the air, will not cause greenhouse effect.

1. Paper pulp moulded lunch box (plant fiber moulded tableware)
Pulp molding tableware products have certain advantages on the road of plastic prohibition. First of all, in terms of raw materials, pulp molding disposable lunch box using wheat straw, bagasse and other plant fibers as raw materials, do not add any PP material, through the pulp molding, the use of wet pressing process molding, and in the pulp added waterproof, oil proof and other food grade additives, to achieve the effect of heat preservation of hot and cold food.
Plant fiber biodegradable lunch box is the most active lunch box on the market at present. Taking the province of Hainan, which took the lead in banning plastic, as an example, Hainan has completely banned the use, circulation, sale and storage of plastic tableware. Pulp molded tableware is undoubtedly an ideal alternative to plastic.
Sugarcane pulp disposable lunch box is a completely degradable lunch box, under the conditions of industrial compost or home compost, it can be completely degraded into organic matter in 90 days and return to nature.
2. Cornstarch lunch box
The corn starch degradable lunch box is made of natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by bio-polyester, polyol and other materials.
The corn starch lunch box can be naturally degraded in the soil and natural environment, and the degradation rate can reach 60%-80% according to the composition of the lunch box, which can replace plastic products to a certain extent and reduce the white pollution to the environment. It is an ideal alternative to the "sterilized tableware" that is commonly used in the catering market but has been controversial.
3. Polylactic acid biodegradable tableware
The PLA degradable lunch boxes usually refer to the products that combine PLA composite film with pulp molded products in the pulp molding process, that is, PLA coated products.
PLA composite film is a completely degradable film produced from polylactic acid as raw material, which can be heated and compounded on pulp molding and paper products.
Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) is a new biodegradable material made of starch from renewable plant resources such as corn. Starch raw material by saccharification to obtain glucose, then by glucose and a certain strain fermentation to produce high purity lactic acid, and then by chemical synthesis to produce a certain molecular weight of polylactic acid. It has good biodegradability and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use, ultimately producing carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment. This is very beneficial to environmental protection and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.

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