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Double Wall Paper Coffee Cup Forming Machine
Double Wall Paper Coffee Cup Forming Machine
Double Wall Paper Coffee Cup Forming Machine
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  • 2023-07-07

Double Wall Paper Coffee Cup Forming Machine

Technical Data:

Cups Specifications 6-16oz Double Cup 16-22oz Double Cup
Production rate 80-100 pcs/min
Paper Specifications 180-350g/㎡
Power Supply 380v 50Hz / 220v 50Hz
General Power 6 Kw
Gas Source 0.3-0.5m³/min
Weight 2400 Kg
Packing Dimensions 2600x1360x1800 mm 3200x1360x1800 mm (embossing)
RD-100T double wall paper coffee cup forming machine comes with open intermittentindexing cam mechanism,gear transmission,longitudinal axisstructures.
The whole machine adopts automatic lubricationsystem,which makes all mechanical parts working much moresmoothly.
lt can make the double wall and ripple wall on the samemachine, suitable for making coffee cup, tea cup with two layer.

Paper cup machine sample cup specifications:
Paper cup size Dimensions (cm)
Ounce Milliliter Top Size Btm Size High
2 oz 60 ml 5 3.5 4.8
3 oz 90 ml 5.5 3.7 5.6
4 oz 120 ml 6.2 4.6 6
5 oz 150 ml 6.9 5.2 7.1
6 oz 180 ml 7 4.9 8
7 oz 210 ml 7.3 5.3 7.9
8 oz 240 ml 8 5.6 9.2
9 oz 270 ml 7.6 5.3 9.5
10 oz 300 ml 9 5.8 9.9
12 oz 355 ml 9 5.9 11
16 oz 475 ml 9 6.1 13.5
20 oz 590 ml 9 6 15.8
24 oz 710 ml 9 6 18.3
For reference only. please contact us for detailed specifications of the paper cup machine.
Our Ruida paper cup machine factory will independently develop various specifications of paper cup making machines according to customer specifications and market needs, and can also specially customize the specified specifications of paper cup forming machines.

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