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Benefits of using paper food packaging boxes
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  • 2023-07-29

Benefits of using paper food packaging boxes

When paper food packing boxes first hit the markets, people began to realize that paper could be a sustainable and biodegradable substitute for plastic. This opened up a large market for paper food packing boxes as more and more people wanted to use paper instead of plastic. For those who are looking to get into this market, there is good news: we have created a series of machines that will help you make these paper products as efficiently as possible! 

Before we get to know the machine, let's get to know the market first
1:The advantages of paper packing boxes? what're the benefits of using paper packing boxes
Paper-based packaging is a superb way to protect your food from moisture and humidity.
Unlike plastic, paper is a natural material that can absorb excess moisture without letting it seep into the food. This makes paper an ideal material for packing moist or wet foods.
Additionally, paper packaging is also resistant to bacteria growth, meaning your food will be safer to a sustainable alternative to plastic
Paper-based packaging is made from renewable resources and biodegradable, is a sustainable alternative to plastic, If you buy paper food packaging boxes from a reliable company, then they will be sturdy and durable enough to last for years while still being environmentally friendly
Paper is recyclable, unlike plastic containers that never decompose
The Paper-based packaging can be used as an extra plate for eating or carrying items in the kitchen
Paper-based packaging is more affordable than many other types of disposable plates and cups  
You can't accidentally break them when you put them in your bag for a picnic or party
Paper-based packaging is better for your health because it doesn't contain any toxic chemicals or substances that could potentially harm your family's well-being
Paper-based packaging don't generate a lot of waste, which means it won't add to the landfill problem
2: The huge scale of the takeaway market, huge annual demand for disposable meal boxes
With the popularity of the internet and the accelerated pace of life, the takeaway industry has grown rapidly around the world, and ordering takeaway every day has become an important part of the life of the working man. As the range of takeaways continues to expand, businesses move in and consumers expand, so the takeaway industry continues to grow.
This is why food packaging boxes are playing an increasingly important role and are popular with many businesses and customers.
3:The emergence of paper packing boxes has balanced the issues of human life and the environment.
Not only is it strong and durable, but the paper is also biodegradable. This means that the paper will break down in nature without causing harm to the environment. With these two advantages of paper, it's easy to see why so many companies are starting to use paper food packaging boxes! 
4:  Paper packing boxes in a wide range of product shapes and sizes    -----Distinctive packaging
For example, there is a burger box for burgers, a fries box for fries, and a fried chicken box for fried chicken. And Hot dog boxes, pizza boxes, salad boxes, bento boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes,paperboard packaging, cardboard box even paper bags
5: National policy: plastic restriction
A total of 127 countries and territories around the world have started to implement 'plastic ban' policies. It is an international trend to introduce policies to reduce plastic waste pollution, with countries such as Chile, Australia, and South Korea specifying high fines for businesses that violate plastic restrictions.
In response to the environmental problems of plastic packaging, paper packaging can not only be used twice, even if it is discarded but it can also still be degraded. At the same time, paper packaging is moisture-proof, waterproof, mold-proof, sterile, highly flexible, tear-proof, and hardness-controllable.
Plastic packaging has been banned, driving demand for (paper-based material products) like corrugated boxboard packaging, cardboard packaging makes, cardboard boxes, paper takeaway boxes.
6: A wide range of paper materials can be used to produce the paper packaging and all are environmentally friendly(eco-friendly), recycled paper
Kraft paper ,Coated Paper, Corrugated cardboard,Wrapping paper,Bio based barrier materials,Paper and cardboard,Renewable material and Other packaging materials
Simple access to raw materials and easy production
7: The production of paper packaging is simple. At the same time, production is environmentally friendly 
Just Like we mentioned before: we have created a series of machines that will help you make these paper products as efficiently as possible!
Fully automatic design, one machine, and one worker is sufficient, saving manpower
All machines with PLC control, touch screen, easy to operate, new customer friendly
Machines can be customized to make your product unique and attractive
One machine can change molds to produce multiple products, saving costs and being powerful.
paper food packaging boxes machine
At present, our main machines are :
2) Folded type paper lunch box making machine
3) Clamshell Take Out Food Containers making machine
4) Multi-Compartment paper lunch box making machine
Our machines use electricity and gas, the materials used are a renewable resource and the production process does not produce harmful gases like the plastic containers production machines.

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